The Who'd Ha Thought It First Annual Beer Festival - 11th July 2009



Bronze award at Olympia 2003 & 2004.

Golden brown session bitter, full bodied for 3,8%. A forward hoppy aroma with a long bitter finish. “Excellent, clean-tasting, golden brown session bitter, full bodied for it’s strength. A delicious aroma of malt and hops. An initially malty flavour fades as citrus notes and hoppiness take over, leading to a lasting hoppy, bitter finish.” Good Beer Guide 2005.


Bronze Award 1999 Beauty of Hops English Ale Awards.

Named after T. Hobson Esq, Cambridge Carrier 1631, who let out horses to customers on a strict rotation basis - hence meaning 'The Only Choice'. A light golden bitter with a pronounced hop aroma, contributing to the refreshing bitter aftertaste.



A combination of four types of malt and two types of aroma hop provide copper-coloured premium ale with fruit and a distinctive hoppy bitterness.

Hertfordshire’s best loved giant lived centuries ago in a wood in Weston near Stevenage. A highway robber by trade, Jack regularly passed the proceeds of his days endeavours to the poor and needy. But Jack was unpopular with the local tradesmen who banded together to rid themselves of the friendly giant. As he died he was granted one last request. He asked for his bow, which no one else could bend, be placed in his hand and where his arrow fell, there should he be buried. The arrow flew from Baldock and hit Weston Church over two miles away. There by the path leading to the church front door, they buried Jack O’Legs. The gravestone is still to be found.


4.4% Golden, smooth body with masses of zesty, aromatic Styrian Golding hops.
4.4% Deep red ale with Crystal Malt, providing rich toffee flavours balanced with classic English fuggle hops.
4.5% A golden, pale beer boasting a tremendous creaminess which marries ingeniously with its flowery a golden, pale beer boasting a tremendous creaminess which marries ingeniously with its flowery bitterness.
4.5% A light yet distinctivly tasting ale with malty body.


Camra Supreme Champion Beer Of Britain 2004

Our Multi award winning popular Pale ale. This popular pale ale is a well balanced, strong and fruity ale flavoured with North American hops. As described in the Good Beer Guide 2005 "it's sweetness and bitterness continued to the finish"




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