Who'd Ha Thought It Lions

Currently in Div 3 of Medway Messenger Sunday league - link to league site


Junior Charity Cup Final - Result - Lost 5-0 - Arrgh! Only one thing for it...Lets get Jager'd

After a very close first half, with neither team being able to break the deadlock, the second half brought out a very different side then the one previoulsy seen. With rain pouring down, the side let their communication and heads drop. The opinon of the large turnout of non-sporting locals was that a lack of hangover was probably to blame.

Surely a Sunday football brain that has, all season, been finely tuned to great skill whilst carrying blurry vision, could not cope with the sudden shock of sobriety!

So in truly Whodha style they all came back with famlies in tow and got royally upside down. A great evening was had by all.

Concentration on the faces of the Whodha crowd.  Poor unknown family in front.  We should have invited them back. Who let Vicar at the snuff again?

Here come the Lions ready to commence the first half battle - Drowning their sorrows - Captain showing the way.

Here they come... One red shiney Jagermeister, ah ha ha ha!

Two red shiney Jagermeisters, ah ha ha ha! Shot glasses, test tubes?  In doesn't matter to the Lions!-

Paul delivers... Slurp! It's done. 5-0 loss well and truly comiserated.


The Lions have made it through to a cup final match being played on 13th May 2007 at Chatham Town FC ground.



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